Gold Coast Motels

Gold Coast motels provide excellent overnight accommodation which is mostly at the budget end of the market or provides overnight accommodation for corporate travelers and the like. Some of the Gold Coast motels provide a link to the past in the accommodation near the beach scene as motels like the Pink Pussycat motel were part of the history of the original accommodation and holiday scene on the Gold Coast.

Today, local resorts make up the vast majority of accommodation that is available for holiday makers and the motel market is only a small part of the accommodation scene.

In the early days, when the Gold Coast was emerging as a tourist destination, most of the accommodation was built in the motel format. In more recent times there have been only a few motels constructed as most tourists are looking for longer term accommodation. The few motels that still operate cater mostly to the corporate trade and service company representatives and the like looking for short stopovers while they visit their clients. Many of the older motels have been converted into backpacker hostels and budget accommodation.