Southport Luxury Accommodation

The best luxury accommodation in Australia can be found in Southport. The Gold Coast is famous for many things and luxe resorts are one of them. Southport surrounds the Southport Broadwater and luxury accommodation can be found right around its perimeter. Not only are the local local accommodation houses luxurious, but the surroundings and attractions in Southport are also luxurious. Southport is the home of the Gold Coast boating industry and the marinas and yacht clubs in the Southport Spit area are filled with million dollar luxury cruisers and yachts.

The spit itself is home to sensational luxury accommodation. On the broadwater side of the spit, you will find the only six star hotel in the country. Palazzo Versace is the only Versace hotel in the world and this masterpiece of marble and gilt is a haven for the rich and famous who love to be pampered. During the quieter seasons, specials and packages are often available that make Palazzo Versace almost affordable for those of lesser wealth. Anyway, if you can find a way, it is a wonderful experience. On the ocean beach side of the spit, you will find the Sheraton Mirage resort. This is a five star luxury resort situated right on the beach front. The Sheraton Mirage is adjacent to a beautiful shopping plaza that features many top end shops for souvenir or gift shopping.

The Southport Spit area is filled with fantastic tourist activities and attractions. Seaworld Nara resort is here as is the Seaworld theme park. Many restaurants, including floating ones, can be found here and the waterfront region surrounding the marinas is packed with luxe cafes and eateries.

If you like to stay in luxury accommodation, surrounded by affluence, then Southport is definitely the place for you.