Southport Spit

The Southport Spit is the isthmus of land lying between the Southport Broadwater and the Pacific Ocean. It is the centre of luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast, as well as being the home of one of the Gold Coast’s oldest and best theme parks. This is the home of the SeaWorld marine theme park and the SeaWorld Nara resort which provides some of the best family accommodation on the Gold Coast. The Southport Spit area is always a hive of activities. At its southern end lies Main Beach and the huge marina and yacht club complexes that are the home of the Gold Coasts booming marine industries. Associated with these marina’s, you will find shopping plaza’s and waterfront restaurants. Open ocean fishing charters leave from here and the local trawler fleet also calls it home.

Southport Spit harbour

The best luxury places to stay on the Gold Coast can be found on the Southport Spit. Here you will find Australia’s one and only six star hotel, the fabulous Palazzo Versace. And across the road and right on the beachfront is the beautiful Sheraton Mirage resort. Between the two is a fantastic shopping plaza with an array of high quality shops and restaurants.

At the northern end of the Southport Spit is the Southport Seaway, which provides access for boats to enter the open ocean. Here, long rock walls and a sand pumping jetty also provide a facility for fishermen and surfers to enjoy. Fishing charter boats and recreational boats and yachts are continually passing through it. The northern end of the spit also provides some beautiful scenic parkland for a family picnic.

The Southport spit is a fantastic holiday playground for you to enjoy.