Urangan Boat Harbour

The Urangan Boat Harbour in Hervey Bay is the hub for all the marine tours that depart from Hervey Bay as well as being the location for some of the best holiday accommodation in the region. The facility has been continually improved since the advent of the Hervey Bay whale watching industry. In the early days there were no marina facilities and boats were secured to pile moorings. In those days there was one public wharf and a fuelling pontoon. Over recent years, the sea wall has been extended and raised and settling ponds have been constructed along the outer sea wall to be filled with spoil and reclaimed as on going dredging from time to time maintains a workable depth of water in the harbour.

Today, there are three marina’s inside the harbour. The original one at the northern end of the harbour contains most of the commercial berths as well as a number of private berths. It is serviced from a modern marina building which also serves as a passenger terminal. The middle marina has been built by the Hervey Bay Boat club to provide facilities for its boat owning members. The southern marina has some commercial berths as well as a number of private berths. Along the outer sea wall are a number of wharves owned by local trawler operators.

There is a current approval that has state government approval for an $800 million redevelopment of the Urangan Boat Harbour. This will see the extension of the harbour and the addition of a fourth marina.

The entire Boat harbour precinct will see improvements from this project. Access roads will be upgraded, new resorts and apartments will be constructed and a boardwalk will be built that will run completely around the harbour itself.

The whole precinct will be turned into a tourist attraction in its own right with boat ramps, hard stand facilities, restaurants and boardwalk cafes.

The Urangan Boat Harbour is the best place to stay when visiting Hervey Bay for your holidays.