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Port Douglas is one of the world’s most popular diving destinations. The proximity of the Great Barrier Reef to the Queensland coast in this region coupled with the nearby location of some of the world’s most visited dive sites makes Port Douglas one of the leading diving destinations in Australia. Because of the regions popularity a huge diving industry has grown up in Port Douglas as well as in nearby Cairns. 

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The Port Douglas marina is home to a number of quality dive operators who will take you for a day trip to the great Barrier Reef, an introductory dive, a fully accredited dive course or they will take you on an extended trip to any one of as number of remote locations on the Great Barrier Reef or further out into the Coral Sea.

Quicksilver cruises specialise in day trips to the reef from both Cairns and Port Douglas. They depart daily from the Port Douglas marina for the Low Isles where the fringing reefs make an ideal destination to snorkel or go diving over the local reefs. Further to the north, the waters around Lizard island are home to some sensational destinations. The Cod Hole is world renown. Here a number of giant Potato Cod swim with the divers like giant puppy dogs among a spectacular coral garden. At the Ribbon Reefs away on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef itself, shark feeding dives and diving with Minke Whales at certain times of the year attract international divers from around the world. The charter vessels in this region are of world standard. You can choose from a luxury yacht, catamaran or live aboard cruiser.

Many of the operators here have been in business for over twenty years and know all of the best diving sites like the back of their hand, so the success of your diving holiday adventure from Port Douglas is assured.

Diving Options from Port Douglas:


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  • Quicksilver Cruises – Outer Barrier Reef
  • SilverSonic – Outer Barrier Reef
  • Calypso Pure Snorkel [Tropical Journeys]
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